I truly, deeply love you, and before we die I want you to know.

“I think our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. I truly, deeply love you, and before we die I want you to know.” – Padmé, Star Wars II, Attack of the Clones


I suppose we all knew this day would come.

When I put MOM right in the title of my blog and moniker, I should have realized that eventually the kid, my kid, my one and only kid, was going to grow up – as all kids do. *sniff* Damn kids. And while I’ll technically always be his mom, I really don’t fill the societal mom-role much anymore. Padawan Learner gets himself up and out in mornings, has friends and friendships that have nothing to do with me, makes money doing work for other people, is able to cook and clean and study and make decisions without my supervision, and he will be going off to make a life of his own within the next year or so.

Frankly, I don’t know if I’m ever going to get used to the idea of him as a Gr… Gr… Grow…  Grown Up, but if Amy can do it, then so will I. Maybe I’ll take to painting my washer and dryer in my spare time. Poor things would be so thick with paint that they’d never fit back inside the laundry room… Probably our last hurrah as a family will be a trip to Ireland this summer. One of my greatest wishes is that he loves the place as much as DW and I do.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with this space, maybe I’ll put it back up for grabs once the URL renew comes due again. There has to be another mom out there with a kid or kids that love Star Wars as much as my Padawan Learner. Maybe I’ll keep everything here exactly like it is – rather than turning his bedroom into a shrine of his youth… Maybe I’ll eventually convert it into something completely unrelated to what it currently is.

May the Force be with us all.


    Oh, switch off.

    “Oh, switch off.” – 3-PO, Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back


    This is pretty much how I feel about the mess we find ourselves in politically. Frankly, I’d rather we drop over the fiscal edge and start from almost scratch again than pass something that will only kick this bloated can of slop a few months further down the calendar so we can do it again. Because this has been Just. So. Fun. It’s hard for me to make any easy-peasy “We should just do A-B-C” statements because:

    I’m very liberal socially.

    • I don’t care who you sleep with or marry.
    • Soft drug use (while stooopid) is a non-issue for me and the time/money spent policing it is completely ridiculous.
    • Basic medical care, for one of the wealthiest countries in the world, should be available to all.
    • People in need of assistance should be helped back on their feet by people who are flush with cash.
    • Religion and politics make for VERY bad bed-fellows – like eyebrows, there should always be a space between them.

    I am also fiscally conservative.

    • Balanced budgets are not optional in real life. They are a must in real life.
    • We should not pay people (aka, give tax credits for) to have children or buy houses.
    • If you have a fat retirement account, you probably don’t need a monthly Social Security check, too.
    • Yes, most benefits should have a time limit. “Just one more year” and “six more months” cannot go on indefinitely.

    Like life, it’s inconvenient and messy and scary and absolutely essential that we actually make an effort here. So the house has just voted to vote. (Reminds me of my Dutch meetings to set up a meeting.) What will we get?

      This is ridiculous.

      Han Solo: This is ridiculous. Even if I could take off, I’d never get past the tractor beam.
      Ben Kenobi: Leave that to me!
      Han Solo: Damn fool. I knew that you were going to say that!

      Star Wars IV: A New Hope

      What is it with the crazy skyscraper heels today? Don’t get me wrong. I like most high heels, I think they can be beautiful and feminine and perfectly fine in moderation and in appropriate situations. But the heels I’m seeing the last year or so… well, they’re just ridiculous. I see women tottering around town – and tottering is the only word that fits – on heels so incredibly high that they can’t even walk upright anymore! They walk in this weird, knees bent at an almost 60 degree angle, way that pushes part of their body forward so much that they have to lean the rest of their body way back just to keep from falling over. Frankly, it’s kind of pathetic. And then, during last week’s snow storm I saw a woman poking her way along on the sidewalk in these crazy high boots when the roads and sidewalks hadn’t even been cleared yet. I thought, “Come on! There’s so many cute shoes and boots that aren’t going to make you risk your neck.”

      What do you think? Have I officially moved into the crabby old lady stage of life? Or have you been seeing this and thinking it too?



        Sir, the temperature’s dropping too rapidly.

        Deck Officer: Sir, Commander Skywalker hasn’t come in through the south entrance. He might have forgotten to check in.
        Han Solo: Not likely. Are the speeders ready?
        Deck Officer: Not yet. We’re having some trouble adapting them to the cold.
        Han Solo: Then we’ll have to go out on Tauntauns.
        Deck Officer: Sir, the temperature’s dropping too rapidly.
        Han Solo: That’s right. And my friends out in it.
        Assistant Officer: I’ll cover sector twelve. Have com-control set screen alpha.

        Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back


        When Iowa and the rest of the upper midwest decide to have a blizzard, they don’t play around. Although our on-the-ground snow fall total of a little over a foot isn’t anything to write home about – peshaw, we used to get up to three feet at a time at least once a year back in West Michigan and Dad Windu routinely pushed that off his car in the morning while at school up at Michigan Tech - this place has wind like I can hardly believe. It takes that foot of snow and WHIPS it around. It’s absolutely blinding. The snow blows this direction to that, up and down, and all around. If I read that snow here sometimes flies inside out, I’d be inclined to believe them. And when the straight line winds decide to kick in… Oh boy, they spin that snow upwards of 40-50 mph.

        And they close highways down here. Literally. They close them down. With gates. You no go, cowboy. Stop. Un uh, not gonna happen.

        It’s for good reason, too. I must admit, it’s hard to take weather advisories seriously when they use the word “blizzard” in the same sentence as “4-9 inches of expected accumulation”. Drivers like Dad Windu who blasted through “real snow” in the UP (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula) and semi-truck drivers who meet every type of lousy weather condition as just another bump in the road, simply roll their eyes and push on through. I’m so glad we live within blocks of his job and he was able to just sidewalk-skate into work today because he would have been on the roads bright and early, damned be the conditions. He’s got a DEADLINE, ya know.

        But our little local blizzards are serious. The state police shut down I-35 (a main north-south connector highway, MN and TX) due to zero visability last night and it’s continuing into today due to a 25 car pile up that has left 2 dead already. I-80 is also still closed in spots due to semi-trailers jack-knifed across all or most lanes. Every school in our larger viewing area was closed. The colleges were all closed. All state government offices were closed until noon. The downtown shops were almost all closed. And good on them! I hate to think that anyone unnecessarily put their lives on the line so that I could buy more stuff I don’t really need.

        Stay safe out there, everyone. And all you folks in the line of… well, snow? Yeah, take it seriously.

          Luke, we’re gonna have company!


            Peace is our objective here… not war.

            Chancellor Palpatine: “Must I remind the Senator from Malastare that negotiations are continuing with the separatists. Peace is our objective here… not war.”
            Padme Amidala: “My noble colleagues, I concur with the Supreme Chancellor. At all costs, we do not want war!”
            Chancellor Palpatine: “It is with great surprise and joy the chair recognises the Senator from Naboo, Padme Amidala.”
            Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

            Dad Windu and I just spent a long weekend in our old hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, celebrating his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary with his brother and sisters and all their families. Despite all our differences religiously and politically (many of them are conservative in every way while we are right by leaning strongly left ;-) ), we had a wonderful time seeing everyone, visiting all the ArtPrize 2012 exhibits, drinking far too much, eating even more, and possibly partaking in other vices.

            They rented out hotel rooms for us all in the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, right in the middle of it all the ArtPrize festivities. We drove/flew in from all over – Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, and Vienna, Austria – and like a great amoeba we rolled together and apart and together and apart during the days, but we spent the evenings together (see the above paragraph). Our packages included massages, free drinks, sumptuous meals, valet parking, private dining areas, etc. And it was good. Very good. Too good.

            I love living in Des Moines, but there is something about a West Michigan autumn. The days are cool but not cold, the nights encourage the use of comforters and quilts, the sky is cloudless and brilliant blue while the tree – oh, the trees! – are a ridiculously perfect blend of colors. If you haven’t ever been to Michigan in the fall, you simply must carve out a week in mid- to late-September. I will apologize in advance for the state if the roads, however. They are uniformly deplorable.

              Captain, Lord Vader demands an update on the pursuit.

              “Captain, Lord Vader demands an update on the pursuit.” – Communications Officer to Captain Needa, Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back


              Two posts in as many days. I know! When will the madness stop?

              So I realized that I needed someplace that I could “quick a minute” jot things down as I do them regarding this crazy completely understandable and realistic mission that Red Leader and I have undertaken (possibly at my bull-headed insistence). Dog on a bone. Fly swatter to any argument. Resistance is futile and all that. Yes, I will in fact poach from other franchises if it suits my purpose. I’m an equal opportunity geek.

              We’ve been watching Enterprise again on Netflix, by the way. Can you spell T I M E - W A S T E R? PL’s favorite is Lt. Reed and his “hey  baby” houndog style and DW loves Tucker’s no-nonsense engineer ways, although both perk up significantly whenever T’Pol has to get yet another anti-microbial rundown after visiting an alien world (this happens surprisingly often). While I find Hoshi to be a kindred spirit, I think Doctor Flox is hysterical.


              So I popped up a public OMK Facebook page [link fixed now] (some monster already took the FB obimomkenobi nickname – razzlefrickenskortig - so I had to modify) to keep track of what I’m doing. I’ll do a general overview here once a week, but if you want the real nitty gritty, stop over there (maybe even like the page! – ooh, the excitement) to get the updates. Wouldn’t want to annoy all 10 of you passionate readers with minutia.