Peace is our objective here… not war.

Chancellor Palpatine: “Must I remind the Senator from Malastare that negotiations are continuing with the separatists. Peace is our objective here… not war.”
Padme Amidala: “My noble colleagues, I concur with the Supreme Chancellor. At all costs, we do not want war!”
Chancellor Palpatine: “It is with great surprise and joy the chair recognises the Senator from Naboo, Padme Amidala.”
Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

Dad Windu and I just spent a long weekend in our old hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, celebrating his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary with his brother and sisters and all their families. Despite all our differences religiously and politically (many of them are conservative in every way while we are right by leaning strongly left ;-) ), we had a wonderful time seeing everyone, visiting all the ArtPrize 2012 exhibits, drinking far too much, eating even more, and possibly partaking in other vices.

They rented out hotel rooms for us all in the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, right in the middle of it all the ArtPrize festivities. We drove/flew in from all over – Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, and Vienna, Austria – and like a great amoeba we rolled together and apart and together and apart during the days, but we spent the evenings together (see the above paragraph). Our packages included massages, free drinks, sumptuous meals, valet parking, private dining areas, etc. And it was good. Very good. Too good.

I love living in Des Moines, but there is something about a West Michigan autumn. The days are cool but not cold, the nights encourage the use of comforters and quilts, the sky is cloudless and brilliant blue while the tree – oh, the trees! – are a ridiculously perfect blend of colors. If you haven’t ever been to Michigan in the fall, you simply must carve out a week in mid- to late-September. I will apologize in advance for the state if the roads, however. They are uniformly deplorable.

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    • Firefly Mom

      “we are right by leaning strongly left” – BUAHAHAHAHA! I love that statement, and not just because I feel the exact same way when I’m around my family. :D I’m glad you guys had a great time, and I love the fact that your in-laws actually wanted a party. When my inlaws had their 50th (their nearly to their 60th!), we all wanted to pitch in and send them on a cruise. My MIL refused to go. We decided to have the whole family together for a party, which they also refused. Guess what they ended up agreeing to? Dinner at Outback Steakhouse, with hubby and I (they wouldn’t even let us invite other family members). We’re going to Hawaii for our 50th, and if anybody wants to find us, we’ll be on the beach, drink in hand!

    • That sounds like a grand time! I’ve never been to Michigan. I was just commenting to someone else that Central Texas just doesn’t really have an Autumn. It’s either blazing hot summer or freezing cold winter . . . nothing in between. So strange.

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