This is ridiculous.

Han Solo: This is ridiculous. Even if I could take off, I’d never get past the tractor beam.
Ben Kenobi: Leave that to me!
Han Solo: Damn fool. I knew that you were going to say that!

Star Wars IV: A New Hope

What is it with the crazy skyscraper heels today? Don’t get me wrong. I like most high heels, I think they can be beautiful and feminine and perfectly fine in moderation and in appropriate situations. But the heels I’m seeing the last year or so… well, they’re just ridiculous. I see women tottering around town – and tottering is the only word that fits – on heels so incredibly high that they can’t even walk upright anymore! They walk in this weird, knees bent at an almost 60 degree angle, way that pushes part of their body forward so much that they have to lean the rest of their body way back just to keep from falling over. Frankly, it’s kind of pathetic. And then, during last week’s snow storm I saw a woman poking her way along on the sidewalk in these crazy high boots when the roads and sidewalks hadn’t even been cleared yet. I thought, “Come on! There’s so many cute shoes and boots that aren’t going to make you risk your neck.”

What do you think? Have I officially moved into the crabby old lady stage of life? Or have you been seeing this and thinking it too?



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    • HIlary Arthur

      I agree absolutely!

    • i feel like there was a big push about how bad the heels were for women’s backs and future leg and foot problems, back in the 70s when I was a kid, and so the shoe heels went lower for a LONG time, but they’ve forgotten and there needs to be some more pushy journalism about how bad this is for your body

    • I think you are going to make a divine crabby old person. I plan to sit in a rocker by your side so I don’t miss the good bits. However, on this issue, you’re right. There should be a limit.

    • It’s totally gotten ridiculous. I very much live a relaxed life, so I do very well in flats and tennis shoes. I do, however, love a well placed heel when the occasion calls for it.

      I don’t understand the need to be terribly uncomfortable and swaying your back for no good reason. The tippie-toe walk just looks ridiculous. If you can’t walk in that shoe, it’s too high for you. Period.

      • I have the same feeling about the matter. I’m in flats about 98% of the time, but sometimes an outfit just needs a pair of heels. Reasonable heels. Real people heels. Heels that make at least a modicum of sense.

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