Oh, switch off.

“Oh, switch off.” – 3-PO,¬†Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back


This is pretty much how I feel about the mess we find ourselves in politically. Frankly, I’d rather we drop over the fiscal edge and start from almost scratch again than pass something that will only kick this bloated can of slop a few months further down the calendar so we can do it again. Because this has been Just. So. Fun. It’s hard for me to make any easy-peasy “We should just do A-B-C” statements because:

I’m very liberal socially.

  • I don’t care who you sleep with or marry.
  • Soft drug use (while stooopid) is a non-issue for me and the time/money spent policing it is completely ridiculous.
  • Basic medical care, for one of the wealthiest countries in the world, should be available to all.
  • People in need of assistance should be helped back on their feet by people who are flush with cash.
  • Religion and politics make for VERY bad bed-fellows – like eyebrows, there should always be a space between them.

I am also fiscally conservative.

  • Balanced budgets are not optional in real life. They are a must in real life.
  • We should not pay people (aka, give tax credits for) to have children or buy houses.
  • If you have a fat retirement account, you probably don’t need a monthly Social Security check, too.
  • Yes, most benefits should have a time limit. “Just one more year” and “six more months” cannot go on indefinitely.

Like life, it’s inconvenient and messy and scary and absolutely essential that we actually make an effort here. So the house has just voted to vote. (Reminds me of my Dutch meetings to set up a meeting.) What will we get?

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